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Aaron Raspa


A.R. Raspa is the author of the children’s book Honey the Bee Goes to Caterpillar University. He was born and bred in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. He is on the wrong side of 40 and is clearly not above using pity in a shameless attempt to boost book sales.

Young Adult

Bees are all business. Every bug knows it. All pollen all the time.


That’s every bee, well… every bee except Honey! Her lacklustre enthusiasm gets her expelled from the hive and the future looks bleak, but she is rescued by Snickledoo and brought to the pupae plane, where crowds of pipe-playing, frisbee-wielding caterpillars welcome her with open arms, and open arms, and open arms…


But why do these wonderful creatures have no wings? Honey and her new friends embark on solving the mystery, but can the Caterpillar University help, or will it bring perils of its own?

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