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Danielle Hughes

Danielle is a busy mum to four gorgeous kids, and loves writing in her spare time. A lover of all things fantasy, Danielle writes stories full of magic, adventure and mystery for middle-grade and young-adult readers.


Mystica holds many secrets....

Hidden power and forgotten magical creatures.

Warrior tribes, wolf spies and a volatile dragon.

A lost Empress.

Stranded on a mysterious island with her younger brother, Jack, Adelle feels lost and confused. When Jack is kidnapped by the tyrant ruler, Adelle must journey across the strange island of Mystica with some unexpected allies to rescue him.

Along the way Adelle will unlock the dormant magic and hidden secrets of Mystica, learning things about her own unknown past. Together with her new companions, she will overcome many challenges to discover the value of true friendships and the importance of self-belief.

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