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Brodie Whitburn

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Brodie W. Whitburn has been writing stories since the age of ten. Drawing inspiration from comic books, J.R.R Tolkien, J.K Rowling. and more recently, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman and Brandon Sanderson.


Stephen King's work was the catalyst for Brodie to try his hand in similar genres, but to also blend in the types of story that Clive Barker and others craft. ’He is (of course) obsessed with Neil Gaiman and his favourite Gaiman (from the many) is ‘The ocean at the end of the lane.’

Brodie continues to pursue his dream as a storyteller as the Journey through his fantasy world of Athoria grows with upcoming novels: The Heart of Athoria: War of the Stormking, The Soul of Athoria: Symphony of the Gods, A Gift from the Waters, The Waves of Time and Winds to the West. He also has more stories to come in other genres such as more traditional Sci-fi, Lurking into Darkness, horror with The Missyng, 1977. and even a touch of Romance/Sci-fi with A Ripple in Time.

Fantasy, Horror

Rise Up


This is a story about rising up, overcoming, emotions that can get a hold of anyone in everyday life, a struggle with depression, anxiety, fear, and suicide, but knowing you are not alone in the world, there is love, hope, and family.


Kara and Anna, are two sisters full of life, the bond they share is eternal. They create worlds of fantasy through imagination, history, and inspiration, using their imaginary creations to gain knowledge and learn life lessons. In the worlds that they both created, they battle fierce witches, battle alongside the great stoic Marcus Aurelius, and overcome anything that stands in their way.


Darla: Rainbow Tracks to Gorgunheim


From the physical realm to one filled with ghosts...Darla. A 15-year-old girl jumps from foster home to foster home. Never finding a place for her to fit in. Running away from her new home, to find herself stumble into a graveyard, where she finds a ghost. A man dressed in train overalls.


The World of Athoria: Essence of the Wild


The daughter of a fantasy writer found herself in love with the stories and imagination and ability to create by her father's inspirations. But like most stories, nothing stays good forever. 

Tales of Athoria: From the Scriptures of Earth


A Collection of tales set within the fantasy world of Athoria.


Dawn of the Crimson War


A chronicling of a time past by a Maester of the Athorian Citadel in the Skies of Athoria.


This is the tale of the rise of the one now known in the histories as The Stormking. And how the Crimson war of the first ages began and the Stormkings rise of tyranny.




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