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C. K. Andersson

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C. K. Andersson was raised in Sweden and since 2017 she resides in the U.K. She writes character-driven fantasy novels on the darker side for adults with a dash of magic, kick-your-feet type of romantic tension (no spice) and a hint of feminine rage. 


Shadow Dance, her debut novel and the first book of The Offline Series, was published in June 2023. The sequel titled Spellbound is set to be released in 2024.


C. K. lives with her partner, their two rescue cats and rescue dog. 

Dark fantasy/portal fantasy with sweet romance

What would you do if the game you were playing suddenly becomes your reality? Saga escapes her mundane life of modern stresses and anxieties, a failed relationship and a monotonous job by immersing herself in an online game. When dark whispers begin to invade her mind, she is pulled through a rift into a world eerily reminiscent of the game she plays. Whatever brought her to this place stalks her at every turn, a sinister siren song calling to her, bringing her closer to a source of power that threatens everything. Trapped in this confusingly familiar world, she must find herself, her strength, and allies to help her survive. This is a tale of a modern day woman, out of place and out of her comfort zone, who has to come to terms with her past while trying to navigate a strange world, as well as emotions she thought she would never feel.

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