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Ed Boxall

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Ed Boxall is a writer, illustrator and performer. He has performed his last book Carried Away with the Carnival to thousands of children in schools, libraries and at festivals. Earlier books include Me and My Alien Friend, which was chosen for the Summer Reading Challenge in 2019, and his highly praised Frances The Scaredy Cat. He's also a freelance teacher and has been running workshops based on his writing and illustrating for many years. Ed lives in the truly wild seaside town of Hastings, UK. 

We the Wild Ones

We The Wild Ones is a beautiful collection of poems,
stories and art that take the reader on a journey into the
Your friends on this journey are an adventurous
barefooted child and his equally adventurous cat.
The unconventional mix of stories, poems and art bring
an enchanting version of the British countryside to life.
Here we find wolves and bears hidden behind the leaves
of the high branches of an oak tree .
Here we walk along evening paths with The Crow-man:
Jamboranja Jamboram.
Here we dream ourselves to the far lands of
And here, with the wild ones, we always find healing
magic and another bright tomorrow.
These daydreams of the wild are as much for adults as
children. We The Wild Ones is for everyone.

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