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Emmalena Ellis


Emmalena L. Ellis lives in Suffolk, collecting vintage dresses and old books. She enjoys people-watching from cafes, libraries and bookshops or engaging in intelligent conversation with cats. 'Ginsterpigs' is her first venture into the world of fiction, having been previously been published for poetry as a teenager. Fond of cooking and baking, Emmalena is currently working on her next ‘slice of life’ novel and the audiobook adaption of ‘Ginsterpigs’ between generous slices of cake.

Comedy Romance

Middle-aged and muddle-minded, up until now, Frank has survived a pedestrian existence. His interests in bus-spotting, people-watching, and guinea pig racing are known only to a select few. Living in the shadows of Dover, his town of Cocklescanslanky is a small and unremarkable blip on the map of the British Isles.


But then 'love' happens.


When taking a bus towards the town Frank has the first of increasing encounters with a bold, brash, pink-haired extroverted artisan, Toni, whose emergence is like a blanket of Techni-color and seeks to change his perception of life and love, and everything in between. Frank is unsure where the nerve to ask her out came from but is far more confused by Toni agreeing to a date.


But a complete novice in the dating world, Frank's sense of self begins spiraling out of control. The ensuing whirlwind brings with it a potentially broken nose, tension and ethic filled gatherings, losing his virginity, a prospective promotion and the various ups and downs of the problems faced by his family and friends. Frank soon wonders if everything is a fever dream from a concussion or the first signs of madness.


Perhaps he doesn't understand love after all.



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