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I C Lawrance


Ian C Lawrance was born in Wollongong in NSW the youngest of three. On finishing school he completed a medical degree and went on to specialise in gastroenterology and complete a PhD in Molecular Medicine. He has undertaken basic Science and Clinical research as a Professor at the University of Western Australia for a couple of decades with many published research papers and a number of book chapters.


He has four children and one grandchild. He is involved in the arts performing in Musical Theatre and light opera.


An avid Fantasy and Science fiction reader as a teenager he loved the way new worlds could be created and populated by the imagination. He also loved the classics, particularly Jane Austin and the way she wrote in such beautiful melodic waves of prose. Having talked about writing a fantasy novel for over 30 years it was finally time to start writing. He tries to write in a way that is a little bit different to the standard fantasy novel. His debut novel ‘Blood Influence’ is due to be joined by the second in the series by Christmas this year.

Blood Influence Series

The first book of the thrilling new fantasy series; Blood Influence.


The Tower invokes wonder tinged by fear. Despite living whole generations under its watchful presence very few understand the truth.


Overlooking the Bowl, a land of lush pastures and cultivated fields, it observes daily life whilst people lived and thrived, at least they convinced themselves they thrived.


Shan, Molly and Moira were 13 years old. They had not met, but each had attracted the Tower’s attention. The Tower needed girls with an Influence; the ability to effect things about them and so it would determine who would be selected and deemed worthy. Yet things are rarely as straight forward as they appear, and the Influence of Blood can never be underestimated.


Yet outside the Bowl things are more complex. The interplay between the Tower with its Code clash with those ‘who must not be tolerated’ linked together by the Apostasy. How these intertwine create and mould the world of Shan, Molly and Moira and beyond as the sage continues into the second of the series Apostasy.

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