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Jen Beadle

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Jen Beadle is a British author who splits her time between the vibrant seaside city of Brighton and the beautiful English Lake District.

Her debut novel, And Then I Fell in Love, is inspired by true events and is due to be published soon.


She loves travelling, eats far too much pizza, spends more time listening to music than watching TV, and is a self-confessed Kings of Leon groupie. When she’s not writing, Jen is an avid reader, with Daphne du Maurier and Marian Keyes being firm favourites. That said, her all-time favourite book is Wuthering Heights.


To fund her ‘never too old to backpack’ adventures, she works in marketing.

Contemporary fiction | Dark romance

Everything is fine. I’m fine.


When Saskia Fraser arrives in Brighton she wonders what planet she’s landed on. A world away from her native Sydney, the British seaside resort is both weird and wonderful. 

Her nerves about starting a new life dissolve when she wanders into the arms of local nightclub owner, Shaun Sanders. Most people cross the street when they see Shaun coming, but not Saskia. Before long she’s up to her eyes in love. And denial. Blinded by both, she can’t see what’s right in front of her.

Caleb Green. A fellow musician, delicious and irresistible. Chocolate in human form. He and Saskia share a lot more than just a love of music, but he’s also inquisitive and can sense that all is not right.

Between Shaun and Caleb, Saskia finds herself juggling two very different relationships as she embarks on a dangerous journey. A journey that will certainly change her life. Or perhaps end it.

Everything is fine. I’m fine.
Is it? Am I?


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