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Karen Peradon


Karen is originally from the UK but has lived in sunny Perth, Western Australia since 2008, which practically makes her a local! With a writerly father and a lifetime with her head and heart stuck in books, Karen has aspired to be an author for as long as she can remember. After writing her ‘experimental first book’, (a fantasy novel) in 2015, she has moved on to the fun genre of cozy mysteries. Karen is still working on becoming an overnight success 😋. In the meantime, she continues to carve out a creative life whilst working as a freelance copyeditor and mothering her two teenagers and a fluffy white cat.

Cozy Mystery

This series of cozy mysteries features a bighearted hairdresser protagonist who is a special agent for the United Guild of Hairdressers (UGH). Her missions take her all over the world, beginning with London, then Las Vegas in the first 2 books of the series.


Author Karen Peradon delights with crazy characters, punny humour, fabulous settings and of course lots of big hair! Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of glamour, intrigue, and hair-raising adventures.



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