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PJ Johnson


Born in Connecticut, PJ Johnson moved to Australia at the age of eighteen.


An editor for dotdotdash magazine, former President of the Fellowship of Australian Writers Western Australia and with degrees in Social Sciences and Creative Writing, PJ has had stories and poetry published in dotdotdash, Re-Placement, Lines in the Sand, Windmills, and Creatrix as well as in online journals.


Isla Rising is PJ’s first book. As a reader PJ was always drawn to adventure and historical fiction, captivated by far-away places and eager to join in through the pages of a book. From the Greek myths to Tolstoy to Stevenson, she was hooked.


"As a writer, the prospect of creating a new world drawn to one’s own specifications with the task of creating the characters to inhabit it, was altogether too tempting to ignore."

Scottish historical fiction, speculative fiction

It is 1833, and fiery Edinburgh widow Isla is dying. Ready to meet her maker and eager to reunite with the love of her life, she is not afraid of passing, but Isla’s death is only the beginning of a series of otherworldly adventures that she must undertake on her quest to find her husband.


As a spirit, Isla must deal with grave-robbers, ancient mysteries and earth bound ghosts in order to protect her granddaughter and locate her love.


Culminating in the glowing bonfires of a lawless and blistering Samain, when the bold dead walk among the living, Isla Rising ranges from the arcane to the humorous, as the wild widow stalks through the shadowy depths of Edinburgh’s homes and cemeteries, pubs and plots.

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