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Audio Books

Audio Books - Why do it, how to do it, the perils, the pitfalls, the profits and the pleasures of having your work available as an audio book.


This panel will include discussions about voice talent, sound engineering, uploading, distribution and everything else associated with getting your audio book ready for release.  


Including the following panel members:

Philip Battley headshot 2.jpeg

Philip Battley

Philip Battley is an award-winning, hugely experienced audiobook

narrator and producer.

Born and brought up in London, Philip's audiobook journey started out in 2015 when living in Los Angeles, narrating for Deyan Audio. After moving back to London in 2016, he built his own studio and began producing as well as narrating. He now has over 150 audiobook titles available on Audible and other platforms.

A father of three, Philip not only produces and narrates for best selling authors and publishers, but he also narrates regularly now, not only with audio house Deyan but also with Tantor Media and others.

As a classically trained actor, he performs - in between audiobooks - on the stage (West End, Shakespeare’s Globe), television (BBC, PBS, ITV, Channel 4, Lifetime) and in movies.

AJ Deane Headshot 2.JPG

AJ Deane

AJ is an actor, voiceover artist, writer, director, classically-trained singer, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy book blogger.


He is also co-founder of the Suffolk-based QuirkHouse Theatre Company, an alternative professional theatre company which specialises in East Anglian new writing, and collaborating with East Anglian talent.


Mary L Phillips

Mary L Phillips, is the voice and soul of Riveting Narration, a Hampshire UK-based audiobook narrator. Production takes place at their home studio in Andover, Hampshire, UK, where they lovingly prepare, narrate, proof, edit and master audio books to produce terrific listens by “getting right to the heart of the thing”.


Mary's style has been described as being incisive, expressive, persuasive: and getting to the heart of the matter.

"Emma Peel meets Lady Whistledown"

Mark Fryday 2024.jpg

Mark Fryday

Mark Fryday is a novelist, scriptwriter, poet, and musician. Mark completed the audiobook version of his own first novel 'Collapse of the Wave' single-handedly, as the narrator, editor, and sound engineer. This audiobook is available on Audible. He has also produced videos of his poetry set 'The Best Poet in the Phonebox', set to music and available on YouTube.

Mark can often be found at Book Fairs, promoting his novels, and is currently writing his next one.

Anja Mujic.jpg

Anja Mujić

anja mujic is a yugoslav/australian dancer, musician, yoga teacher and writer based everywhere and nowhere all at once. after a steady unravelling of words commissioned for various 

performances, publications and platforms, she now releases her first book; love letters to places…, a decades worth of memories, dreams, moments and epiphanies exploring a multitude of themes on a simultaneous journey of inner and outer discovery. she invites you deep into the present moment through pasts and futures shaped by loss and grief, love and heartbreak, crumbling, rebuilding, healing, inspiration and the endless possibility for new beginnings…


Alex Smith

Alex Smith has been with Printondemand-worldwide for over 7 years, during which time he has gained an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry. This placed him in the perfect position to take a leading role in the redevelopment of the Bookvault platform. He has been able to work very closely with some of the leading indie publishing entrepreneurs to ensure that Bookvault continues the latest and greatest features that they need for their businesses.

Ian Andrew.jpg

Ian Hooper

Ian Hooper is an independent author as well as being the founder of the independent author assistance provider and hybrid publisher, The Book Reality Experience.


He published his first novel in 2014 and followed it up with a second in 2015. Having stumbled through the various hurdles he set about running a few training courses to advise others how they too could publish independently, only to be met with numerous requests for him to do it for them. 

Now representing 100+ authors worldwide, he is an Alli Ambassador and an acknowledged expert in the field of independent publishing.


Ian will be the facilitator on the Going Wide and Audio Panels.

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