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What is the Indie Author Book Fair?

The Indie Author Book Fair was designed by Independently Published Authors to showcase the outstanding books available from their fellow indie writers.


And what is an independently published author? An author who has chosen not to sign up with a traditional publisher. They oversee and project manage all aspects of their book, from the hiring of professional editors, to cover designers and typesetters, to ensuring their books are available on the various print-on-demand distribution methods that allow their titles to be available globally.


So why have their own fair? Unfortunately, this method of publishing is sometimes seen as an outlier in the traditional world and a lot of "Traditional" fairs and festivals do not welcome indie authors in to their events. In late 2022, we decided that if we couldn't join them, we'd organise a series of dedicated fairs specifically for Indies. 

The concept was popular and so more events are being planned to give readers a fun and engaging chance to come along and:

Find their New Favourite Author

Meet the Organisers

Are you an Author?

Click below to learn more about how you can exhibit your books or book a reading time at the Book Fairs

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