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Organizing Books

Do you want to exhibit your books and showcase your work to readers in a space designed for and by Independent Authors?

The UK and Australian Independent Author Book Fairs are a sales opportunity for independent authors to come together and collectively represent themselves and their books to the general public.

We are indie published authors too, so we hope to form a collegiate, relaxing and fun atmosphere on the day for all the attending authors.



exhibit space
£40 - UK Events

$77 - Australian Events (Incl GST)

You can book an exhibition space that is 2.4m wide x 2m deep in the main hall area, where you can display and directly sell your book/s and or book-related merchandise.

Bring a table covering (must cover down to the floor at the front of the table) and a cash box for your sales. If you have an electronic payment system then by all means bring that too, or (for the cost of the transaction fees) you can avail of our system.


You can also bring up to two pull-up banners that can be displayed to the sides or behind your space.​


book readings or book launches

During the BUNBURY Fair there will be a separate room available to reserve for book readings to invited guests, or for a full book launch if you wanted to use it for such.

Please note, that although we can reserve this space for you, (Aus $77 per hour) and will of course ensure that the time booked and the layout of the room are worked out with you in advance, ALL marketing for your reading session or your launch will fall to you. With one exception; we will of course list the reading or launch on the Fair's website (within the event schedule), but no additional marketing would be undertaken by us.


You can of course invite guests through your own mailing lists etc, but as entry to the venue is free, you would also be expected to allow 'casual visitors' to sit in on the reading / launch if they wanted to.

For the UK Fair in Huntingdon, we can arrange a separate book reading / launch venue in partnership with the award winning Niche Comics Bookshop in Huntingdon. Further details on request.


either 01 or 02, or both

You will need stock of your book(s) and a pen (we recommend a sharpie, rollerball or felt tip) to sign for your readers.

We will take care of the overall marketing for the event, however, we do ask that you share the event you are attending on your own social media and newsletter (if you have one) prior to the date, and again on the day of the event to help spread the word to your followers. It would be especially good if you could let ANY book 'reader clubs' you are a member of know about the event.

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