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Going Wide

A specialist panel Q&A session on Going 'Wide' on your distribution, looking at the reasons to maximise your distribution options as well as:

  • selling and order fulfilment direct from your own website,

  • offering extra incentives like book bundles or other enhancements,

  • why it may be key to go wide in order to sell / supply your books into book shops

  • what are the positives and are there any "negatives".


Including the following panel members:

Mark Fryday 2024.jpg

Mark Fryday

Mark Fryday is a novelist, scriptwriter, poet, and musician. Mark completed the audiobook version of his own first novel 'Collapse of the Wave' single-handedly, as the narrator, editor, and sound engineer. This audiobook is available on Audible. He has also produced videos of his poetry set 'The Best Poet in the Phonebox', set to music and available on YouTube.

Mark can often be found at Book Fairs, promoting his novels, and is currently writing his next one.


Caroline Goldsworthy

Deep down, Caroline Goldsworthy is a true Essex girl despite living in Suffolk for the past twenty years. 

Her debut novel, Tangent, was loosely inspired by the 2006 Ipswich murders. In 2019, it was shortlisted for The Selfies Award.


During Covid, she wrote the first draft of The Love Trap, a tense domestic thriller, in five and a half weeks.


The Love Trap was a finalist in the international Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award in 2021.


Under her pen name, Cassie Rush, she has two series of cosy mysteries and is currently working on the third series. She says that shiny-thing syndrome is very real.


MT McGuire

Despite being old enough to know better M T McGuire checks all unfamiliar wardrobes for a gateway to Narnia. She hasn't found one yet but she lives in hope. She could tell you that she's an NY Times best selling author but that would be a lie so she'd better not. Her books have won awards though, two Wishing Shelf Awards; a silver in 2011 and bronze in 2015.

Ian Andrew.jpg

Ian Hooper

Ian Hooper is an independent author as well as being the founder of the independent author assistance provider and hybrid publisher, The Book Reality Experience.


He published his first novel in 2014 and followed it up with a second in 2015. Having stumbled through the various hurdles he set about running a few training courses to advise others how they too could publish independently, only to be met with numerous requests for him to do it for them. 

Now representing 100+ authors worldwide, he is an Alli Ambassador and an acknowledged expert in the field of independent publishing.


Ian will be the facilitator on the Going Wide and Audio Panels.


Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes is currently Senior Manager for Business Development at IngramSpark. As part of Ingram Content Group, IngramSpark is a global self-publishing platform which helps authors and publishers realise their dreams of producing high-quality print and digital books and make them available for sale in markets around the world. Ben is responsible for the UK and Australian parts of IngramSpark and prior to working at Ingram, Ben spent a number of years working in trade publishing for Penguin Random House. Ben has worked in the UK book publishing industry for 10 years.


Alex Smith

Alex Smith has been with Printondemand-worldwide for over 7 years, during which time he has gained an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry. This placed him in the perfect position to take a leading role in the redevelopment of the Bookvault platform. He has been able to work very closely with some of the leading indie publishing entrepreneurs to ensure that Bookvault continues the latest and greatest features that they need for their businesses.

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