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AK Faulkner

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AK Faulkner is the author of the Inheritance series of contemporary fantasy novels, which begins with Jack of Thorns. The next volume, Wheel of Fate, is due in May 2024.


AK lives just outside of London, England, with a charismatic Corgi. Together they fight crime and try not to light too many fires on the way.


AK is agender, demisexual, and demiromantic. Any pronouns will suffice, though she/they/he are preferred.

LGBTQ Urban Fantasy

There’s a world of magic, gods, and incredible gifts. It lurks out of sight, hidden around the next corner or in the blink of an eye. But if you scratch the surface of what we all think of as as ‘real’, the miraculous bleeds forth, unseen by most.


Those who encounter it are rarely left unscathed. Some are better equipped to deal with it than others: the gifted, humans born with astonishing powers passed down from prehistory; witches and other sorcerers, capable of sensing and harnessing magic itself; children of gods, with the power of their ancestors buried deep in their bloodlines.


Ordinary people with an extraordinary edge. Welcome to the world of Inheritance.

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