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Alexander Linton


Alexander Linton is a multidisciplinary writer of novels, comics, short stories and poetry, as well as an abstract artist. His work includes the genres of fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, horror and psychological fiction. Alexander was born in South London, England. He attended a performing arts school, where he studied drama, media studies, art and English literature. His first job was as a store assistant in a video game store at the age of 18, which was also the age he began writing his first novel. Alexander found early creative inspiration in a combination of fictional literature and story driven video games, a combination which continues to inspire him to date. Alexander also began writing poetry in his late teens, starting with his first poem Sleepless Days, and took to abstract painting. He has since written blogs, newspaper articles and song lyrics. Alexander later studied and established a career in digital marketing, which included both technical consultancy and ad copy writing. He then used this experience to launch his career with his debut novel A Song For Nightfall

A Song for Nightfall

On the border of the Ameyalli Forest is an ancient tribe. They have long survived on their ancient rituals, worship of Mother Earth, and strict adherence to the forbidden. Lia and Kai are siblings who have long dreamed of entering the forbidden forest during the allure of nightfall. Night after night, they gaze longingly at the dancing lights above it and the warm glow of purple coming from within. When Lia finally breaks away from the village’s heavy hand, her dream is fulfilled. But at great cost: The tribe’s dark history comes to light, Mother Earth’s true nature is brought into doubt, and the Ameyalli tribe learns that nothing is ever forbidden without reason.



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