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Denise Main

Denise was raised in Bendigo, Victoria and has always loved reading. She began General Nurse Training at the Northern District School Of Nursing and maintained registration through many years of District, Community Health Nursing and teaching Public Health at La Trobe University Bendigo.
Denise was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study Community Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in the USA and Canada. She completed a Master of Health Science and a Graduate Diploma in Community Health.

On relocating to Point Lonsdale she completed a Diploma in Visual Art. She joined the Geelong Gallery Guides and the SpringDale Artists with whom she paints and exhibit
Denise helped initiate the Queenscliff Rip Writers with intention other than to write snippets for pleasure until Mission: Angela came into being . The thrill of the words taking shape into a story spurred her on.

The locations of Canberra, Melbourne, especially Geelong, Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff mentioned in the book are well known to the author. She lives in Point Lonsdale where the ever changing moods of the Bay and ocean is loved and appreciated.

Espionage Thriller

Mission: Angela

After WW2 a defeated Germany is divided ,and East Berlin becomes the de-facto capital of the German Democratic Republic. The Berlin Wall is built which becomes the most powerful and oppressive iconic symbol of the Cold War.

West Berlin Police retrieve the body of a woman who drowned in the Havel River.

Erna Klemp, an MI6 agent is assigned  to take on the dead woman’s East Berlin identity. As Angela Muller she is sent through an escape tunnel on a perilous operation to East .

Her Mission ? To infiltrate  the Secret Police  Headquarters  of the Stasi . The Stasi is the most repressive, hated and feared arm of them GDR and responsible for espionage , domestic and political surveillance.

Angela gains promotion to Oberleutnant  Axel Hempf’s administration where she must access Stasi secret intelligence, vital in assisting MI6 agents and the East Germans escape to the West.

Over time, and against better judgement, a dangerous attraction develops between Angela and Axel. It becomes so powerful and compelling they are unable to resist.

Changing their Lives forever.


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