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E M Greville

E M Greville is an award-winning children's and short story author. Her debut middle-grade novel was an Amazon best-seller. She can usually be found herding children, chooks and cats, and scribbling brilliant ideas on scraps of paper, which she promptly loses and blames on the badly herded children, chooks and cats.

Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure

Families can be tricky... 

Especially when your dad is missing, your mum is hiding a BIG secret and a strange woman – who looks oddly familiar – is trying to steal your magic from you, which you don’t even know you have because no one EVER tells you ANYTHING...! 

When Raine spontaneously shoots a blue flame from her finger and breaks a window, even she can’t deny the magic running through her. Being banished to the basement and finding a cursed baby dragon means life is about to change. Forever. But Raine’s powers serve a prophecy and dark forces are gathering… 

With her unreliable magical encyclopedia and a group of weird and wonderful allies, can she find out what happened to her father, fulfil her destiny and still save the world? How hard can all that be?   

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