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Frances D'Arcy-Tehan

Dr Fran is a counselling psychologist with over 25 years’ of experience working with individuals with sexual concerns. She graduated from Sydney University with a Masters in Sexual Health before going on to complete a Doctor in Philosophy with her thesis 'Exploring Genital Image, Body Image and Genital Cosmetic Surgery in Sexually Active Australian Women' from The University of Sydney. Dr Fran has a passion for writing and advocacy regarding improving the sexual health and self-esteem of women. Dr Fran's therapeutic mission is to provide women and girls a platform to access information that will assist them in feeling confident about their genitals and bodies both in and out of the bedroom. The Happy Vulva is based on Dr Fran's PhD research and her extensive experience working as a counselling psychologist and sexologist. This book will help women to gain a better understanding of their vulva and genital image diversity. Raising awareness will help women to gain more sexual confidence and build sexual self-esteem.

Women's Health Body Image

In The Happy Vulva, Dr Fran explores women’s relationship with their vulva. She will take you on a grand Vulva-Selfie Tour where you are given all the coordinates so you can locate the different parts of your genital anatomy with ease and comfort. The Vulva-Selfie Tour takes you on an exploration of your down under where you will learn about its unique and delicate design and its role in your sexuality. Dr Fran addresses important questions such as: Are my genitals normal? Why do some women choose to change the appearance of their vulva? What are the different kinds of female genital cosmetic surgeries? What are the risks involved in having my labia minora cut away? Will my sex life improve if I have labiaplasty? Is LASER vaginal therapy safe? How do I talk to my health professional about my genital appearance and sexual concerns? How can I feel more confident and relaxed about my genitals during sexual activity? Reading this book will help you to understand the various issues concerning this important area of women’s sexual health and wellbeing. Further, it will help you become more confident about yourself, both in and out of the bedroom.

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