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Geoff Davis

A colourful childhood amongst the Kensington housing commission flats in Melbourne, Australia. To writing software by the ski-slopes of Colorado, USA. Geoff Davis has lived an eventful life. Ten grandchildren, an Australian sports medal, multiple wine-producing awards and over fifty years of marriage to his high school sweetheart has given Davis a unique perspective on life and a wealth of experience to channel into his books. Further informed by a lifetime of ravenous media consumption, with a particular focus on Australian history, conspiracy and crime. Geoff's original style is equal parts historical fiction, thriller, and small-town black comedy.


One bush cop, three dead bodies, and a monster on the loose. Constable Chris Taylor runs a one-cop station in the remote, high-country town of Jarrajarra. With little to do beyond traffic duty and the occasional welfare check, he has found some much needed calm in his life after a violent end to his military career. But, when a barbaric triple murder plunges the town into chaos, the search for truth forces Taylor into a menacing labyrinth of lies, drug money and dirty cops. Can he unearth the truth? Or will he be dragged down into the violent chaos that has erupted in his once peaceful town?

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