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Ivor Steven

Ivor Steven was formerly an Industrial Chemist, then a Plumber, now retired, He started writing twenty years ago, after suffering a stroke, to help with the rehab process. Ivor was also the primary carer for his wife during the thirty years of her severe MS illness. He credits his wife with being the inspiration behind his writings. He has had numerous poems published in anthologies, and on-line magazines. He has 2 self-published books, "Tullawalla" and "Perceptions". and is an active member of the Geelong Writers Inc.(Australia), and a newly appointed writer for "Coffee House Writers" magazine (USA)


Tullawalla. Is an enchanting poetry collection, subtitled ‘A Meeting Place/Where My Empty Hands Are Full Of Memories And Rhymes.’ Just how appropriate the title and subtitle are will become apparent to anyone reading this collection soon after they begin.
Divided into chapters, this poetry book reads like a story, with each chapter delightfully different from the last but fitting within the overarching poetic spectrum of the collection.
Ivor’s subjects range from nature through love and loss to the realm of fantasy and beyond. What comes through most strongly in the work is the poet’s undying love for his deceased wife, whose presence is felt on every page, even where she is not the direct subject of a particular poem.

Perceptions: This colour and fascinating book is a collection of collaborative articles. The photographs were taken by Derrick Knight from the New Forest area of southern England, and the associated ekphrastic poems were written by Ivor Steven from Geelong, the other side of the world, the southern end of Australia.

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