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Judy Rankin

Judy has been writing and journaling for as long as she can remember! However, it wasn't until 2014 that she stopped saying, "One day I'll write a book..." and actually did it.
Since her debut, Judy has been published in several magazines, anthologies, and journals, and she writes bi-weekly articles/stories for the US online magazine Coffee House Writers.
When not writing stories, Judy runs a financial administration business, Surf Coast Support, looking after the funding for NDIS participants. She also acts as a publishing consultant for indie authors through her business, Jaymah and offers indie authors a place to promote and sell their books through an online bookstore.
Judy calls Torquay, Victoria, home after reconnecting with and marrying her high school sweetheart after 40 years. She enjoys swimming at dawn and travelling and is currently completing a creative-practice PhD in Communication and Media through RMIT.

Multiple genres

Gilderoy - Charlie Dixon is a down-to-earth, good guy who wants little more than a simple life. But after losing his wife and child in a bungled home invasion, Charlie rebuilds his existence. Five years pass and Charlie must choose between the new woman in his life and the returned mother of his deceased daughter. 

The Land of Giant Pineapples - Eleven-year-old Shayla will have to join forces with an Aboriginal wizard (she doesn’t know exists), use powers (she doesn’t know she has), and enter a world (she doesn’t think is real) in order to rescue her fifteen-year-old sister, Willow.

Catelina - The loyalty of a once-proud nation exploited by a pact it must honour; and a war that divides families, friends and communities. Catelina Marés must fight for all she loves and cries out for while the twists of history and fate intervene. Will she keep what her heart holds dear? 

It's [Not] All About Liz - Centred on four family members, relationships are put to the test when one is diagnosed with cancer, and they navigate the challenges of uncertain futures. As they grapple with their fears and anxieties, they must find ways to come together in adversity.

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