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Kelly Wilson

I am an educational consultant ,children/YA author and podcast presenter working in my business Wings For Grace and for Lamont books in schools. I workshop my books, public speak and run workshops with literacy and wellbeing. I currently have 4 published books with Shawline Publishing and will launch my new YA novel and picture story book in Feb 2024.


Hudson Houdini and Lady Lulu and fun, engaging, rhyming picture story books with messages about the importance of self belief, friendship and kindness.

Breathe Grace is a YA thriller, set in outback Australia. My young protagonist discovers her families links to the Afganistan and her grandmothers links to underground educating of women during the Taliban rein.

The shadows in my mind is a YA thriller. Based in Australia. My young protagonist discovers she was once a victim of Child trafficking in India and must return to save her sister.

Both novels are uplifting and promoting the voice of change. Both novels advocate a strong female role model.

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