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Linnet Hunter

Linnet is a spoken word artist with a talent for crafting brief yet mesmerising poems that leave a lasting impression. Her unique style incorporates autoharp sounds, which adds a beautiful counterpoint to each work, enhancing the mood and pace. Readers have described her poetry as eloquent, evocative, and exquisite - each piece a heartfelt note that lingers long after the performance. In her role as coach, Linnet works with other authors and artists, helping them find their path.


Eloquent, evocative and exquisite - a collection of eleven brief poems, fragments, and notes from the heart. Linnet’s short, poetic pieces are like intimate letters from a past life. Through them, we are invited to share a woman’s abandonment of her true being in the pursuit of another’s controlling desire. These lyrical reflections celebrate the female voice, through scraps of memories captured in finely crafted cadences, alight with inner rhythm.

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