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Carol Carman

Carol Carman is a novelist, poet, scriptwriter and editor. A former journalist and BBC radio presenter, she also edits the Grunty Fen series of books for author and broadcaster Christopher South. She's written two humorous fantasy novels, Gingerbread Children and Twicetime, and her work has been likened to that of Terry Pratchett. She's currently writing a book of short stories and two other novels.

Comedy Fantasy

Gingerbread Children

Family secrets. An ancient curse. Confectionery. Not what Dominica Tort is expecting when her friend dies. But then her friend was the most powerful witch in the country: the Matriarch of the University of Nature, the witches' training establishment. A new Matriarch must be inaugurated, but who will it be? Nothing is certain until the envelope’s opened – and not even then. Especially when one candidate disappears and suspicion falls on another...



Building a bodyguard to kill your aristocratic niece’s vengeful ex-husband should be easy for a witch. All you need is the right body and the right magic. Of course, it does all depend on what the butler brings back from the cemetery...

'Riotously funny, deliciously dark storytelling... a fantastical world that's a work of art. Every page sizzles with fun. Her unique style is a world unto itself, and a world you'll love to read about. Hugely recommended!'
Paul Kerensa, comedian, writer and broadcaster (Miranda, Not Going Out, Radio 2)

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