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Cassie Rush

Cassie Rush is a British author of cosy mysteries set in the English country- or
seaside. Due to her love of the coastal town of Southwold, Cassie’s popular Eastwold by the Sea series is based in a fictional version of this charming town. A lifelong fan of Agatha Christie and other golden age authors, Cassie loves the stories of Miss Marple, Father Brown and Lord Peter Wimsey. Cassie also writes, as Caroline Goldsworthy, a rather grittier approach to crime fiction.

Eastwold by the Sea Cosy Mystery Series

Everybody has secrets: even Reverend Alina Merrycott is a woman with a past. In peaceful Eastwold-by-the-Sea, her parishioners share their confidences – including who they’d like to see dead. So, when the most unpopular woman in Eastwold drops off her perch, and Alina is accused of the murder, she has a long list of alternative
suspects. Unfortunately, delectable Detective Inspector Richard Laidlaw has Alina in his crosshairs. Can she prove she’s not the killer before the killer catches her?


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