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Cecilia Agetun

Cecilia has always been interested in writing and spent many hours writing poems and short stories throughout her teenage years. She has always had an interest in fantasy, mythology and witchcraft. As she grew up, the writing got put on ice as she followed her true passion – Animal care. She moved from Sweden to England, where she completed her Bsc (hons) degree in veterinary nursing and started working full time at a 24 hour hospital. She later moved to Cambridge with her partner and two dogs, hoping to get a better work- life balance. It wasn’t until the lockdown came knocking on everyone’s doors that she picked up her writing and fell in love with it all over again.

Freya's Legacy

Freya’s Legacy is a YA Romantic Fantasy series comprising four books, written with inspiration from Norse mythology. We follow Jax, a crow demon, on a journey of friendships, love and self acceptance.

Forgotten Memories (Book 1)

Being a demon isn’t easy, especially when you’ve grown up learning the importance of love and friendship. When Jax gets summoned by his best friend and asked to protect his only child, Cassie, who’s been hidden away in the human world, he agrees. He thought it would be simple – protect the girl while she learns the truth about herself and the abilities she holds. What he hasn’t counted on is the shock that runs through him when they touch, immersing him in feelings and memories he can’t place. As he tries to figure out the nature of the bond that connects them, he realises that something else is at play – a magic that could be working for or against them. Will he be able to honour his promise and keep Cassie safe?



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