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Danny Phiri


Danny Phiri was born in the Eastern part of Zambia, He is the fifth born in the family of 9 siblings. He is married with three children and now four grandchildren. His passion to work with children started while he was still in High School. He started as a Sunday School teacher at his local Church.


He completed High School in 1980 and attended University of Zambia where he graduated in 1988 with a Degree in High School teaching, teaching Sciences and Mathematics. He eventually went into community development and worked with disadvantaged communities. He was lucky to secure inaugural Ciara Glennon scholarship in 2002 and commenced studies at Notre Dame University in 2003.


While Ciara's death was, and remains tragic, her life has sprouted into many, who are rendering various services to the wider community. Danny used his story telling skills in Australia more as the family spent many hours together in the evenings. He continues to use his oratory skills whenever an opportunity arises, both in his family and the wider community. Seeing is believing, see him in person and you will understand.

Proverbs and Short Stories

The book uses stories to provide context to proverbs. While many people can use Proverbs, some proverbs cannot easily be understood until someone understands the context. Proverbs have been used to educate, interpret and in some cases, hide the message.


The book enables the Leader to fully understand the proverb by using exciting short stories to help readers understand the meaning of the proverb, and how it can be used.



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