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Dean P. R. Buswell

Dean Buswell was born in Perth, Western Australia.


He grew up in the southern suburbs of Rockingham where he cultivated a small but close group of friends to share his love for gaming, reading, and eventually writing. For as long he could remember, Dean has always loved the idea of
writing a book, often writing fan fictions that never got past five chapters, or original ideas that never got past one but still continue to dovetail in his mind.


With loving, yet strong-willed, support from his beautiful wife, Dean was able to finish the Order of Elysium, and continues to work on more titles for the future in both Urban and High Fantasy.

The Order of Elysium - Urban / High Fantasy

In the subfusc corners of our world, an ancient war is waged between angels and demons. It exists only in the peripheries of most people throughout mundane lives, but for some it is illuminated after death. To keep humanity safe, the angels created The Order of Elysium; a organisation of humans given new life to fight for the light and keep humanity safe amidst the unseen horrors of The Aetheric War, as they have for centuries as heroes of myth. But now, an unseen threat awakens, blurring the
lines between dark and light.



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