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Elaine MacDonald

I started writing as a television scriptwriter in 1992 for a children's edutainment show in South Africa.

Shortly afterwards I was invited by MacMillan Education to be one of the authors of the 'Readers are leaders' series for which I wrote 11 books, including 2 anthologies of stories.

This was followed by a contract with Penguin Random House for a series of 5 rhyming stories based on the

Big 5 in Africa.

Currently I am publishing stories under the name of Elaine Macdonald Books in the UK.

Young children's rhyming stories

Each story is about a different member of the Crazy Big 5. The stories are fun and in rhyme. The stories each have a moral that applies to children: fitting in with others; making healthy food choices; adapting to spend time with those who are different to ourselves; sharing skills and understanding that we are all perfect no matter how we look.

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