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E.L. Aldryc

Ellan is an international woman of mystery. As one of the few extreme extroverts in the book world, she only writes books so that she can go to these events and talk to even more people. She's a force dedicated to delightful chaos, and if you let her, she'll turn you into one too—with her books, of course. When she's not playing the medieval lute, you may find her correcting people's pronunciation of Latin or trying to get an AI to perform Enochian magic. And if that's what you're into, then you'll love what she's written so far, and what's to come.

The Universe of Infinite Wonder


The Universe of Infinite Wonder is an ongoing series about young scientists who find themselves working for the world’s most prestigious research institute just as the world approaches the precipice of progress that could either elevate it or destroy it for good. You like that? Great. Then let me tell you about the protagonists: Frederich? A general danger to himself and others. Adriel? Give him a problem and he’ll make it everyone’s problem. Elodie? A semblance of compassion until met with ambition. Soraya? Nothing but layers upon layers of lies. These are the people you’re trusting with changing the world for the better. Have fun.

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