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Elisha Bugg

Elisha is a Paranormal romance author. Some of her books are set in a modern world, others in a historical setting. Since 2019 she has published 3 books with many more planned for the future.
Her latest book 'Touch: DemonWarriors book 1' won the '2021 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Awards'.

Paranormal Romance

Otherworld Guardians - Supernatural Guardians tasked to protect and keep their existence a secret from the humans while fighting against the hunters hellbent on eradicating all supernaturals
from the world.

The Wolves of Wulfic Manor - Elara is hiding a huge secret she must keep hidden, but she is forced to marry in order to keep her family from ruin. Cursed since birth, Caleb swore he
would never marry, but when his old friend is set to marry an unsavoury gentleman, he cannot allow it.

DemonWarriors - Four demon brothers who must keep their world hidden from the humans are up against the biggest threat they have ever encountered, the Soulless. Their job is to fight
these unnerving creatures and find the truth about their existence.

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