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Hedley Griffin

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As a writer, illustrator and publisher, Hedley is excited about all things new within this world and its future. That is why he is also concerned about children. They are our future.


In 2003 Hedley started DangerSpot Books Ltd, writing, illustrating and publishing a range of child safety picture books, covering topics such as road safety, trips and falls, fire safety, farm dangers, stranger dangers, and much more. The series of 17 titles have been published in China by several different publishers, many twice over, one has been published in Holland, and two in Hungary. Hedley now writes and self-publishes Historical Creative non-Fiction under a new imprint, Ancient Publishing, 


Hedley now writes and publishes Historical Creative non-Fiction under a new imprint, Ancient Publishing, “Memory of an Ill Wind and other stories”, “Serventa, Shadow of the Light”, “Serventa, Priestess of Atlantis”, "Serventa of Motherega", inspired by unique spiritual knowledge provided by The Erasmus Foundation where he lives and works as a volunteer and trustee of the charity. The fourth title in the Serventa series, “Serventa of Pangea”, is being prepared for publication in the UK.


These books were reviewed in May OpenDoor magazine. June OpenDoor magazine published “The Nøkken” short story, also to be published by Carmina magazine.

Creative non-fiction & Children's illustrated

Serventa of Pangea.


The history of our Universe, before the Big Bang, leading up to the birth of life on Earth ninety-four million years ago and to the end of the Second Civilisation,


Pangea, land of the dinosaurs, approximately sixty-five million years ago. What was Pangea? What was before Pangea? Many secrets of the Universe are offered to the reader to explain questions still puzzling scientists and archaeologists.

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