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Jamie Delano

RVR mugshot delano.jpg

Since publication of his first professional work in the early 1980s, Jamie Delano has made a diverse contribution to the comic book medium, scripting both original works:

World Without End, Tainted, Ghostdancing, Hell Eternal, Cruel and Unusual, Territory, Outlaw Nation; and publisher-owned properties such as Captain Britain, Dr Who, Night Raven, Hellblazer, Animal Man, The Batman, Shadowman, Crossed.


Jamie's novels include: Leepus | DIZZY and Leepus | THE RIVER', and - writing as A William James - BOOK THIRTEEN. He has also produced the graphic memoir RVR.

Dystopic, dark humor, memoir

LEEPUS: File under - Weird fiction. Ripping yarn. Alternate reality dystopia. Black comedy. Picaresque adventure. Brutal mystery. Poetic action. Inglish folklore.


INGLUND: a near-future alternate reality, in which those with a noir sensibility and an appreciation of scatalogical humour and bloody violence are likely to find some diversion.


LEEPUS: the poka playing, drug-fuelled guide who’s eager to lead you astray there.

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