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Josh Barry

I’m a podcaster with Cerebral Palsy who has been running Beyond The Title for the past six years interviewing the likes of Jimmy Tarbuck, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and Barry Cryer to name a few. In 2018 I released my autobiography surrounding my life as a disabled man in 21st Century Britain. I thought this would be a once in a lifetime experience but during lockdown 2020 I had the idea to collate my interviews into a cultural discussion about the state of Light Entertainment. Today my podcast goes from strength to strength and Beyond The Title: The Yearbook is the perfect companion.

Beyond the Title - The Yearbook

Beyond The Title - The Yearbook is based on the entertainment platform and podcast of the same name, created by the writer, Josh Barry. Despite having Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, which has severely impacted his mobility and speech, Josh and his team have conducted interviews with numerous remarkable showbiz personalities over the last four years. These interviews have formed a catalogue of insights from the breadth of the arts that capture the essences of British entertainment, past and present.



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