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Julia Blake

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 I'm a multi-genre author living in Bury St Edmunds with my crazy cat, a grumpy baby tortoise, and my daughter when she's home from university. I write in many genres from fantasy to contemporary to romantic suspense, because to me a good story, is a good story, and I refuse to be put in a box. I blog fortnightly and have a strong presence on social media. I think it's important to support my fellow authors, and I read and review an indie author book every week.

Fantasy, steampunk fairytale retelling, contemporary, romantic suspense, sci-fi,
short stories and poetry

Black Ice.


A fun, fabulous, fast-paced steampunk retelling of Snow White.


It is the tale as it should always have been told.


Princess Snow of House White is a heroine worth fighting for and the seven dwarfs are nothing like you'd expect. A gorgeous big chunk of a book with over forty pages of hand-drawn illustrations.

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