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Kel E Fox

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Kel E Fox is a fantasy author, abstract artist and possibly also a witch currently writing the Lightless Prophecy, a contemporary science fantasy with magic, mystery, other worlds and characters who eat a lot of chocolate when the universe is ending.


When not reading or writing, Kel enjoys painting, ballroom dancing and gaming. Pets include a wilful Alaskan Malamute named after Nighteyes, a scruffy cat called Molly and a long-suffering robot vacuum who picks up all the fur and only occasionally demands pats.

Fantasy & Science Fantasy

What would you sacrifice for magic?

Gabby is in her final year of high school and facing the Question: what does she want to do with her life? A shame ‘wizarding’ isn’t on the list of university courses. Just as Gabby despairs that she’ll never find the answer, lightning strikes.


She uncovers a conspiracy, meets a mysterious boy, and finds out that maybe, magic might just be real. But it comes at a cost, and now Gabby's faced with a decision that makes choosing a university as easy as choosing a favourite kind of cake… and how is anyone meant to do that?


A coming-of-age, contemporary science fantasy, Darkhaven is the first book in the Lightless Prophecy, a galaxy-spanning adventure of magic and gods, love and betrayal, and a quest to find out what holds the stars together in the dark.

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