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Mark Fryday

Mark Fryday is a novelist, script writer and poet. He was born in Sunderland in 1970 and grew up in the North East of England. He has always managed to maintain a love of both the English pub and the written word. ‘Collapse of the Wave’ is the natural result of such a love and became his first novel. An example of ‘Go with what you know’. Once the first book was done, reception was rather favourable, and Mark kept getting asked when the second one was coming out. Well, we did leave Dan in a bit of a situation, so it was best to let everyone know what he did next. ‘Another English Civil War’ is that story. Since then Mark has been writing and performing poetry and has co-written a musical. More books the way too, he promises.

Tales from the Red Lion

Dan is down the pub. Again.


All he wants is an easy life. London never quite worked out, so he has headed back home again to keep his Dad company now that his Mum has gone. Don’t worry, this all just might be bearable since his favourite pub, The Red Lion, is not only still open but very much the same as ever. So, Dan spends his time down there, resolutely collecting the stories of the people who pass through, so he can block out his own.


Easy life then? Well, you can’t stop stories from happening to you, no matter how hard you try. And anyway, things never go to plan for Dan.



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