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Matt J Hanham

As a father and husband, I’m committed to living life pursuing my purpose and setting the best example I can for my family and others. Journeying from professional services to corporate, to experiencing mental health challenges, burn-out and then growing businesses. I’m now a writer, podcaster, business coach and consultant. It’s been a journey with many lessons that I intend to share in my storytelling.

Children's Illustrated

A heartfelt story for all ages about a frustrated donkey who dreams of building a home and starting a family, only he is too busy working every day to focus on his dream.


He is jealous of a sea turtle that he watches build a home for his own family with great strength and focus. Why can’t he be more like him?

A woman on the beach offers to help the troubled donkey with a magical solution to his problem. Will the magic work? Can the donkey see the truth of the situation?


Can he make his dream come true?

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