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Matthew Hillsdon

Creating the world of Alidor has been a passion of mine for many years. Growing up with Roald Dahl, Tolkien and C.S Lewis, I and many others I imagine crave stories with characters we can picture and lands teeming with life just waiting to be explored. Within Alidor I hope to have made a world most would like to stay for at least one event filled day.

The Alidor Series

Welcome to Alidor. A world of many tales, but none better than mine. For I have plotted and schemed, pilfered and fibbed. So much so that before you now lies a story of forgotten love and ancient lies, a tale of great friendship and mighty foes doing battle on lands once unknown. The shadows they creep across these lands, tainting all that’s touched by their master’s callous hands, but through my tale I see their end. A small almost insignificant speck of hope I’ve put in some fairly odd folk, a chance though slim for us all to win. So I implore you dear reader do read on, indulge yourself further in what’s going.



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