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Michael John Barnes

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Born and currently residing in Perth, Western Australia, Mick is happily married to his beautiful wife, Blue.


A highly acclaimed and sought-after weapon specialist, Mick has delivered training for Australia's elite military units - SASR and 2 Commando - as well as for the NSW law enforcement Tactical Operations Unit. Mick is also a state and national champion in Practical Pistol shooting disciplines and represented Australia at regional and world championships in Ecuador, Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina and Greece.


For many years, Mick provided specialized security in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, London, Antwerp and Geneva.


In his spare time, Mick enjoys writing, making a movie of his books, hanging out with his growing family and spending as much time as possible with his sausage dog, Scout.


The Trinity Trilogy: Trinity - an alluring, emotionally damaged assassin - has for years killed unchallenged. Thrust into the dark world of secrecy and death at an early age, Trinity, decades later, suddenly finds herself on the wrong side of a killer's crosshair. For Trinity to survive, many more must die by the edge of her legendary sword.


Fortress Bulgaria: Near-future Earth grapples with war, disease and rising uncertainty. Fearing the worst, international military forces come together to create an experimental and secretive last line of defence - R.A.F.A.E.L - the Ready Action Force Apocalyptic End-of-Life program. Blood Patrol - hand-picked soldiers attached to RAFAEL's Omega Unit - will form planet Earth's last stand.


Now and Forever - is a collection of fables that deal with grief derived from tragedy. All told through the eyes of a fragile sausage dog struggling to come to terms with her insecurities and anxieties, she is protected and guided on her journey by an unbreakable and staunch soldier. The author and friend, Wayne Weeks - former RSM of the SASR - contribute their own thoughts and experiences with managing mental health wellness in the wake of tragedy.

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