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Murray Hall

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Raised in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Mentone, during the 1950’s and 60’s, Murray was, by his own admission, an average student who muddled through thirteen years of schooling whilst maintaining his primary passion of riding a push bike. At eighteen years of age he packed a bag and his bike and went to Europe where, “all the best bike riders were.”


While he always had an interest in research and writing, he had never progressed anything to print, as he was focused on his career in the sport of cycling. Murray rode professionally for sixteen years, he competed at the highest levels and when he retired, he went on to serve as a highly respected and regarded administrator of the sport. He still maintains ties to the sport in an advisory and mentoring capacity, and says that one day he will write his cycling story.


Retiring from full-time work in 2017, he took the opportunity to pursue a desire to bring a five-year project to fruition. His first book, Walk a War in My Shoes was published in 2018 and his second, Unlikely Barons in 2022.

Non Fiction - WW1 - ANZAC's
Fiction - Crime

Walk a War in My Shoes

On the 25th August 1895, Ernest Alfred Hall was born into a pioneering Australian family. As a child, it seemed he would be destined for the life of a farmer in a country that was just realising its independence through Federation, yet his path was to be diverted by the cataclysmic events that befell Europe and the British Empire. So it was, that one month short of his 20th birthday, Ernest enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force and embarked for the war to end all wars. This is his story.


Unlikely Barons

Kat and Dodge only wanted to make a dollar building houses. But in 1990's Broome, Western Australia, life was more like Dodge's namesake of a town in the old Wild West. Money could be made, fortunes won, and lives lost depending on who you spoke to, and how you spoke to them. When Kat is offered the chance to on-sell a few grams of uppers and downers, he figures it's easy money and not that dangerous for him or the users. Before he and his mate know it, they're the barons of Broome. It's an unlikely story... but all stories are unlikely until they happen... This is Kat's story.



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