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Natasha Madden


I'm an Aussie who loves the beach, reading, and nature. I live in Perth with my husband and two children, plus two fur babies.


I am a support worker, after being a mum and a writer. Writing only recently became a passion of mine. I have been obsessed with books since I can remember. I have lived so many of my dreams through books. Authors sending me on a journey with their words.


Now I'm hoping to do the same.

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

A hidden bloodline, an ancient order out to destroy it.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nesrin left everything she knew behind in hopes of a fresh start. Building a new life and remaining anonymous is a balancing act, one she thought she had perfected. That was until a series of run-ins with the Pacific Northwest Pack brings with it a protector who will defend her no matter the cost, whether or not she wants his protection. Forbidden desires have Nesrin questioning her sanity. She trusted very few and no one enough to reveal her secret. Her only priority was to keep her last remaining family member hidden and safe from those who wouldn’t think twice about killing either of them.

Her journey of self-discovery brings new friendships and unexpected allies. The more she uncovers about herself and her family, the more questions she has. Things are not adding up.

All Nesrin cares about is protecting those important to her, even if that means sacrificing herself.

The Finding Sanctuary series is a gritty, sexy, action-packed urban fantasy, and paranormal shifter romance. Chosen by Destiny is a full-length novel recommended for mature readers due to language, sexual situations, and graphic fighting scenes.

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