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Noreen Reeves

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Writing has always interested me and after having led a somewhat different and unusual life living in isolated situations both on Bougainville Island and the sparse outback of Western Australia I felt compelled to write my autobiography.


Once this was (self) published it spurred me on and I began to delve into fiction, which had me fascinated and somewhat terrified, but having completed several creative writing courses with The Writers Studio I was bitten by the bug!


My second book “Looking Through the Rear Window” is a compilation of both autobiographical and fictional stories, published through Leschenault Press.


“Billy’s Tree-Mendous Adventure” evolved through one of the Writers Studio’s courses. I had no faith that I could write a Fantasy/Magic/Realism, however, the inspiration for the story came from my Mum who used to tell me about a small boy who had a speech impediment and was bullied because of it. I wrote the story in one sitting as I couldn’t leave it alone. A childhood friend completed the story with her beautiful images.

Children's Illustrated

Billy’s self esteem is very low. He has a speech impediment and the boys at school just love to taunt and tease him.


Billy frequently finds reasons not to attend school and escapes to his secret sanctuary down by the creek. He loves observing nature. One day he notices a beautiful blue butterfly and she speaks to him, taking him totally by surprise.


Avalonia asks Billy does he believe in magic and when he eagerly agrees Avalonia takes him on a whirlwind flight over land and sea to Tintagel where the wizard Merlin presides.


Billy undergoes a secretive form of cleansing before Avalonia returns him home. Billy returns to school with a new-found confidence and bravely stands up to his tormenters. This empowers the other children and they all teach the bullies a lesson.


Billy’s story is in honour of all children who feel different. It is about having the courage to believe in yourself and is truly a little bit of magic.

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