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Rebecca Laffar-Smith


Rebecca Laffar-Smith lives with her young adult children and their service animal pup. She also lives with chronic pain and mental illness.


Those lived experiences drive her to write young adult sci-fi and fantasy novels that star diverse characters. As a presenter and coach, Rebecca loves to write and speak about the challenges of living with disability. She also loves to chat about all things writing related!


Her books and talks inspire people to experience possibility and discover wonder.


Check out her TEDx Talk!

Mixed (Y.A. & Children's)

Spirit Talker, City of Light,

The Flight of Torque,

GameNite Series,

P.I. Penguin Series

Rebecca's collection of published titles is as diverse as her passion for diversity. All of her books are dyslexia-friendly. For 6-10 year-olds she has a series of full-colour illustrated picture books about a private investigator penguin. For 10-12 year-olds she has a trilogy of chapter books inspired by the Fortnite video game. Her young adult novels, suitable for 14+, involve inspiring young women discovering their core strengths and overcoming physical, mental, and societal challenges. And her non-fiction workbook helps aspiring novelists tell their stories.



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