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R. I. Maddams

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Before writing his latest book, the Author had previously compiled two local history books about his home village of Much Hadham, in Hertfordshire. He was also, co-founder of the Hadham's History society. He currently works as a gardener, and helps run a small antiques business. He has also been a children's entertainer, doing magic shows! Six years ago, he moved from his home village of Hadham, where his family had lived since the 1880's, and moved to Suffolk.

Historical Fiction

In the winter of 1864, Daniel Phillips was out of work and out of love in his home village of Great Hadham, and his future looked very bleak. Seeking way out, he commits a crime, which saw him being transported on a convict ship to gaol in Australia.


This work of Historical Fiction, is based on the real person and crime of, Daniel Phillips, and follows his life from the day of his crime, through to his search for work and love after his release.


It draws on the type of life that a convict, who had been transported to gaol in Australia, would have suffered.


Many of the names, dates, and events are true to life... Including the name of the convict ship, the 'Corona' !

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