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Robert C Littlewood

Robert was born in Catford in the Borough of Lewisham, London. He emigrated to Australia with his family arriving in 1964 initially in Perth, Western Australia.

He has a deep and abiding love for the genres of science fiction and fantasy, so decided, like one of his literary heroes, CS Lewis, that he wanted to write the kind of novel he would like to read himself. 

The Balance Wars - Science Fantasy

Deviance - On the remote world of Tarvuli the mighty Graaven Empire has fallen into ruin, destroyed by an alien force whose presence threatens cosmic balance.

Menkh Ab Dur, deposed Emperor, last and greatest Graaven general has fled the capital along with warriors of the élite Imperial Guard and a mass of refugees, in an effort to escape the holocaust. Relentlessly pursued by those they have christened the Dorath Mar, Menkh himself is dying from a malignant growth. The Graaven race stands on the brink of annihilation.

Convergence - The Dorath Mar have been defeated and the Graaven people feel safe within their adopted home; the ‘City’. But the defeat of their nemesis is not their hoped-for deliverance, instead, it has only served to reveal the true power behind the Dorath Mar’s evil. 


Menkh, last and greatest Graaven general, the symbiote Crixac and the adepts who guard the Balancepoint, will journey across the cosmos in order to defeat the enemy, lest chaos reign supreme.



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