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Rosie Andersen


Rosie Andersen is an author and artist with a keen interest in folklore. Weaving magical tales of mystery, myth and legend, her intriguing stories, written for all ages, are inspired by the countryside, history and wildlife of East Anglia. They are interwoven with nature and nurture at their heart and take the reader on a compelling journey as the stories unfold. All three fables have been stunningly illustrated by Norfolk artist Paul Jackson. Prior to life taking a more artistic direction, Rosie worked as a therapist and trainer in prisons, hospices, and with people of all ages in community projects. Rosie loves the countryside and sea in equal measure and supports wildlife protection with a passion. She lives and works in a quirky cottage in South Norfolk with a beguiling cat called Fionnghal.


Illustrated fables for all ages, weaving together local history, folklore, and nature. The stories are written as both inner and outer journeys, exploring present and pertinent themes that are relevant to us all.


Songs of the Trees is a meditative, multilayered, colourful series of narratives that touch all the senses.


The Lost Key invokes the richness of our Anglo-Saxon heritage combined with a deep personal quest for self understanding.


The Swan and the Golden Hare is a tale of determination and bravery; facing fear, building resilience, gaining courage and finally freedom, and all set in medieval Suffolk.



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