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Susan Grossey

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For twenty-five years I ran my own anti-money laundering consultancy, which gave me almost limitless opportunity to write about my very favourite subject: money laundering. And the obsession with understanding the mechanics and motivations of financial crime has only grown. I have spent years haunting the streets of Regency London, in the company of magistrates' constable Sam Plank. He is the narrator of my series of seven historical financial crime novels set in consecutive years in the 1820s - just before Victoria came to the throne, and in the policing period after the Bow Street Runners and before the Metropolitan Police. The fourth Sam Plank novel - "Portraits of Pretence" - was given the "Book of the Year 2017" award by influential book review website Discovering Diamonds. And the fifth - "Faith, Hope and Trickery" - was shortlisted for the Selfies Award 2019. And I have just published "Ostler", the first of a new series of five books set in Cambridge in the 1820s, narrated by a university constable called Gregory Hardiman.

The Sam Plank Mysteries (seven books)
The Cambridge Hardiman Mysteries

Fatal Forgery – published in 2013 – was meant to be a standalone book. It was also meant to focus mainly on Henry Fauntleroy, the real-life banker at the heart of the story, but my narrator – a well-meaning, slightly crusty, deeply honourable magistrates’ constable called Sam Plank – just wouldn’t leave me alone. A few months later he popped back into my brain with another story to tell, and quickly let me know that he was in it for the long haul. And over nine years I wrote seven Sam Plank books, finishing the series with number seven – Notes of Change – in April 2022. I became so fond of the series idea that when I was deciding what to do next the road was clear: another series, this time of five books set in my hometown of Cambridge (UK) in the 1820s, and narrated by a university constable (and ex-soldier) called Gregory Hardiman. The first book in the series (published in 2023) is called "Ostler".

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