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Tara Swann

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Tara Swann is passionate about helping heart-driven people free themselves from fear to step into their true power and potential. Her highest intention is to raise the collective consciousness.

Through her work as an Author and Emotional Empowerment Coach, she inspires people to think outside the box, break up with their insecurities, and show up with confidence to consciously create a life they adore waking up to every day.

Tara is an ocean-obsessed Pisces, a mumma of two crazy beautiful boys, and she loves health, adventure, and play.

Personal Development & Poetry
1. You Don't Have Anxiety: Your Self-Revival Guide to Confidence, Inner Freedom, and Radical Self-Trust

2. Becoming Her: The Woman You've Been Taught NOT To Be - A self-love guide to emotional empowerment, energetic alignment, feminine freedom, and personal liberation.

3. The Ocean Is She: A collection of journal flows, poems, and words expressed in my messiest days, navigating emotion, anxiety, depression, relationships, sex, connection, motherhood, self-love, and wholeness.
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